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Darker skins for farming and menial work. I am with my boyfriend because I want to be. My age is not a factor.

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I could go out with a white guy if I chose, but I am yet to find one who is as loving, thoughtful and interesting as my boyfriend. That is simply not true. Asian guys also have a power of veto in the gay scene. They are not mindless toys. They are human beings, with mild cosmetic differences to white guys. I have had partners and shags of every colour because I do not hold race to be a limiting factor in attraction. Is there really that much anti Asian sentiment among white gays or is it just exaggerated on here? I have Asian friends and never heard them comment about being rejected anywhere.

This guy is just another in a long list of intolerant white trash.

Why queer Asian men often date white guys

I have yet to know one Asian-Caucasian gay couple where the white male is more attractive than the Asian male. I realised that, well holy shit, Asian guys are human too!

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In a cultural reversal where I was at a lingual disadvantage, I learnt to respect the plight of gay Asian guys back in my own country. When I returned here age 23 , I did not seek out Asian guys exclusively but I no longer limited myself to my own race, nor to any race. I had white boyfriends and Asian boyfriends — now I have an Asian boyfriend.

Love is love, if it is true. I have seen gorgeous white people with um… people of other races who are not so gorgeous, and the other way around. In any case, beauty is subjective. I think the real issue is the lack of education amongst the men who use this application. There is a huge difference in attitudes about race between people of different educational attainment. You can see it in almost every country.

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As far as my experience goes, gorgeous white people go out with other gorgeous white people. Does that mean before your enlightenment, you thought Asians were less than human or non-human? The above profile is insensitive and nasty. The hatred is so palpable. That is a less racist way of saying his preference.

Just try to imagine your self in the shoe of a gay asian male and perhaps your will understand that Mr batman is racist.

All your douchebag needs from the profiles of Grindr. Tumblr censors. Long live the public web.

So… people are not allowed to have sexual preference? Right, j…. Asians in particular were a frequent target.

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The difference between a preference and racism is simple: Asians are just as racist as anyone else and here in Australia most predominantly so. If you can handle reading the truth you might consider reading my blog about it. That said, wth are Asian men doing to get themselves blocked by so many guys? At the event, we were given 12 dates at five minutes each and no one was allowed to talk about work. Interestingly a lot of the people I came across were open to everyone in terms of race when I asked them.

I wanted to pry even further though, so I inquired if there were any patterns or differences in their dating experiences when it came to dating either white or Asian men. Three people separately mentioned smell which I guess is fair. A guy called Don told me he felt more comfortable with Asian guys since more of them wanted something similar in terms of a relationship , while Caucasian men were either interested in a hookup or seemed much older than him.

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Another person, Jason agreed with this and said that he preferred Asian men because they were similar in their traditions. Jason also felt that other Asian men were culturally more family orientated and more open to monogamy and dating, whereas western guys appeared to be focused on sex.

Two gay men swap Grindr profiles to highlight racism on LGBTQ+ dating apps

As Eric continued to talk, he revealed how he became more comfortable with his cultural heritage growing up. It was during that process he became more open to dating other Asian men. Jason also recalled a similar experience. He believes some Asian men go through a journey where they discover themselves in life, and then are ready to date other Asians.

My First (and Last) Time Dating a Rice Queen - Queer Issue - The Stranger

In a sense, being able to attain this whiteness even through association through others marks a sense that we belong to this sort of class. Growing up as an Asian person in Australia can also be a disorientating experience be- cause of the bodies that surround us. We might personally wish that we had blue eyes and blond hair so we fit in to the represented ideal or normal person. And in addition to our sense of selves, our skewed ideals of romance are constructed through the same lens.

On the contrary, if our experiences of Asian, or othered coloured men are reduced to shallow stereotypes, then how are we expected to believe in or love them? In our journey for belonging, maybe awareness is the first step that we should take collectively to accept all the parts that come together to make us who we are. You can also read our latest magazines or Join us on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Home News. Rebeckah Loveday Katherine Wolfgramme , April 12, Edison Chen — May 20,