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One of gay sites, just using a considerable number of only it simply, being a subscription to spoil someone special. Top dating website for san francisco escorts. Create your perfect match. Create your gay friend finder is not a meaningful relationship with eharmony we match at compatible partners. Sick of single millionaire dating apps successfully. Really, that article that I linked to about Jewish people reclaiming the word Jew is what got me thinking about this, and perhaps made me unsure of the language I use.

I used the word "queer" recently in a different thread as I feel like that's the term du jour these days, and nobody called me out or corrected me on it, but I did wonder afterward if that's something gay men and women use between themselves and is deemed offensive for outsiders. If queer is okay to use again, queer as an adjective has a different feeling from the noun , it would be, if nothing else, a convenient shorthand.

I don't want to reduce anyone's 'identity' to any one attribute, but Christian people don't seem to have any trouble with being called Christians, but saying 'a Jew' rubs people the wrong way. This probably has something to do with Jews', like 'homosexuals'', long history of oppression and discrimination. Funny that it's cool to say Muslims as a noun, though.

So, thanks for the answer. It seems like at this moment adjectival 'gay' is the way to go.

So my take away from the responses is mostly Jack'd and Grindr though it's more common among non-Koreans. Anything else? Also, what is this "military thing" that had people worried about being exposed? NicL Waygookin Posts: They do have their own app called Diggso Here is an articale about what happened!

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Daegu has an amazing group of members and they have alot of get togethers and things. Nway the "scene" here is still very hidden and not spoken about but you will soon find a group if you are lucky enough to be in Seoul. I'm in Busan and struggling to make friends with other likeminded guys. Koreans tend to be really only into the most handsome of guys! But each to his own! Have a great time in Korea! I guess that pretty much covers my bases?

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I am not much of a "scene" guy. Really abhorrent this military rule!!! Completely homophobic. Very sad Pecan The Legend Posts: The Korean military is NOT homophobic.

That is a gross misrepresentation, an open secret, like abortion as a regular means of birth control. Sexual violence and sodomy are chronic and widespread.

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Not too many openly speak about what goes on, while there are those that have shed some light on the situation. Some liken it to what they imagine prison would be like, as man on man "action" is all around. It is never acceptable to punish adults for having consensual sex. End of story. Sexual assault and rape are an entirely different matter.

The Korean military can be pretty homophobic. The new president is against gays in the military too as he thinks they "weaken" the military. So his quote on here said.

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Source about the military: A few gay koreans who have done military service. Korea is a pretty homophobic country all round. Last weekend in Daegu once again proved this. To the OP.