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Where they lack in numbers, they make up for in a seamless and extremely personalized user experience, which continues to be perfected since the site's debut in And that's clearly something users hold near and dear, because they keep coming back. They're pretty confident in their matchmaking abilities, too, because they make a guarantee that if you're not satisfied in three months, they'll give you another three months for free. And honestly, it's comforting to know that this shit works.

Don't believe us? Read these success stories and weep, y'all. While most competing sites have made upgrades and tried to keep up with social media or internet trends, eharmony has maintained a pretty consistent look and message. This unchanging thing is both good in bad — but we'll get into that later.

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We'll touch on this later, but eharmony doesn't offer same sex matching. Like, if you say that you're a woman, it won't even let you click on "seeking women. The questionnaire does take some time around half an hour , so don't expect to get this done and find a date within the hour. The questions are pretty standard and are similar to what most other in-depth dating sites will ask. You'll give yourself a rating on prompts like "I'm an honest partner," with sliding scale choices like "This describes me well," to "Doesn't describe me at all. Who wants to answer "Are you emotionally stable?

Admitting that you have problems in a certain area is key to eharmony matching you with someone who complements you. Unless people have an extremely realistic sense of self, I feel like these answers just can't be telling. Everyone would love to rate themselves the highest on patience and romantic and the lowest on selfishness, but if these people were perfect and had zero problems in relationships, they wouldn't need online dating in the first place. Just remember that the right person will except your quirks and flaws. As much as you'd like to lie to feel better about yourself, you know deep down that's not the way to a healthy relationship.

And finding someone who makes up for what you lack is better in the long run, even if it's hard to come to terms with at times. I'd definitely recommend it. Now, the caveat is that you need to be painfully honest on their questionnaire if you want good results. Most of my friends whom this hasn't worked for are quite delusional about themselves and, thus, don't find very good matches. Just be honest about your communication skills, or your next relationship is gonna look like this:.

Once the algorithm has compiled your self-ranked answers, you'll get to see your main page and matches for the day. Having a lot of features can be fun, but not when there are notifications popping up for things you didn't even know existed. A calming color scheme and minimalistic layout is the way to go, and eharmony nailed it. You even have the option to put your favorite TV shows, music, sports, and more on your profile, and I really appreciated that they allow your personality to be the main focus. That's because eharmony has another surprise waiting for you, and it comes in the form of, wait for it, questions that are actually fun to answer.

These are questions that potential matches can see your answers to and serve as a fun conversation starter or an easy way to tell if you would get along.

They'll be anything from "Do dogs go to heaven? I do have one bone to pick with eharmony during these profile questions, though: They served me questions about church and God when I specifically said I wasn't religious. Questions like these are of course perfect for users who marked themselves as Christian — but can we off-putting for those who aren't.

Fnding the right one takes time. Unless your life is eerily similar to a rom com, weeding out all of the non-compatible ones may take a few weeks — or months.

eharmony review: A long, annoying sign-up process makes for a long, happy marriage

It may get frustrating, but "slow and steady wins the race" is the mindset to have here. If it seems to be taking a while, that doesn't mean it's never gonna work — that's how it is for everyone. Something unique about eharmony and another reason why the process takes so long is that there's no search feature. At all. Unlike Match, it won't even let you browse a list of who's nearby outside of the matches they've picked for you.

I'm 27 and ive come to find the gay dating scene to be a nightmare and next to impossible. It's like almost become not even worth the hassle for me. Idk what it is but it's like so many gay guys are afraid to commit to anything, are self absorbed and all about instant gratification. A third of the guys won't even acknowledge u on these dating sites, the other third acknowledge u but string u along and never commit to meeting. Or they're all in open relationships and want to see other people. If your in love why see other people?

On Gay Dating Apps, Hooking Up Is Out

Also, many have these ridiculous criteria that half of them don't even meet and if u don't fit into the description of this picture perfect ideal image they can't be bothered. Granted, this all occurs within the straight community too but it's seems way worse in the gay community. I've noticed it seems that many gay guys have this entitlement attitude that like because gays were discriminated against for so many years that now society owes them something and they are entitled to act however they please, even at the disregard for others.

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Oh and btw, I know people are going to say I'm the problem in all these instances; just know that I've done a lot of self reflecting and have not acted in ways that would be pushing guy away or cause them to act like this. It's tough. Or maybe just elderly people. I dunno. I'm a white haired old coot, and I scratch my head in wonderment at you youngsters. I see everything you are talking about, and I know it is most real, and I genuinely grieve for you. It is a strange paradox that just as you youngsters come into all your freedom, and the right to marriage, etc, the entire gay community dissolves for lack of attention.

There was so much beauty in the gay community that it grieves me to see all the gaytowns dissolve, and the pubs close, and the charities die for lack of attendance. When I was your age they were still raiding our pubs and taking us to jail for having a beer with our friends. Yet in that harsh time everyone had a best buddy, a spread of friends, and every gay guy I have known had experienced or was experiencing a long term love affair. I have spent over forty years in three committed relationships.

It used to be as simple as, "I like you, you like me, let's get this together! Gays are in the grip of a rampant and pervasive narcissism. I hope we snap out of it while there is still the basis of a community intact. It's just ironic that as a community who demands so much respect and acceptance from other, we can't even accept or acknowledge our own half the time.

You are absolutely correct, of course. For example, in my situation, I am from a small city on the south coast of England. There is nowhere I can go to meet men. I don't want to just meet any man, I want to make friends with gay people I actually get along with. Perhaps the gay communitiy is so spread out because we lack a unifying factor for our generation. It is somewhat uknown territory for us, to be so accepted by scoeity even though lots of prejudice remains in certain quarters.

I came from a comparable zone in the United States. The funny thing is this, we are everywhere. If you can access a gay mate or two you will usually tap into the friendship network, and be off to the races. I know it is a stereotype, but it is true that as a group we are often involved with all artistic pursuits. We also tend to be involved in the support roles around local churches and their charities.


The choir, etc. Sometimes visiting and volunteering with such activities will open doors into the local gay underground.

James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room: an antidote to shame

Yeah, your advice is really good. I know such a network in the most informal sense does exist. It is just about starting the process. I'm actually moving to Tokyo soon for work, so I am hoping there will be just as big a network out there too. On Saturday Jan 5 , citing academic research, financial magazine Caixin said juveniles were heavily involved in the gay dating app, where some teenagers had even hosted livestreaming. In response, Blued vowed to launch a "comprehensive content audit and regulation", and crack down on juvenile users posing as adults and on texts, pictures and groups that involve minors.

The company added that it had enabled artificial intelligence to weed out pornographic content since last year, and vowed to further support Aids prevention work. The Beijing-based company did not immediately reply to a request from Reuters for comment on Sunday.