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Guys on their way to and from work, runners. Gellatly Bay. No one yet.

We need a spot on the westside though any suggestions? Zellers Terrace Mall Bathroom. Your typical Zellers bathroom 3 s when you enter the men's. Pick any and wait until some other guy is interested.

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Young to old go there, for afternoon or during the day. Radley Park.

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The shower rooms are awesome. Many people come from out of town. May need a relief. Lets go guys, get this up and running more often! Camping season is the best. Fish Creek Community Forest. Nobody goes there yet, but would love to see guys there. This is a small town and most guys are not out, but I know there are some that like to play. Gibsons Beach. Parking area Willingdon Beach Trail. There used to be lots of actionat this place, but no one seems to go there anymore Me and hopefully some other hot, in-shape guys who want to play. Tamitik Pool.

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Kitimat General Hospital. The bathroom up stairs is the best place.

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Not many people use them after 4: Capri Mall. Door around corner, gives a little warning time. Any age. Cottonwood Park.

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Park area in between boat launch and other parking area is where the cans are located. Weekdays tend to be less busy as boats are not on river.


All ages, runners, bears, etc. Sears Pine Center Mall Washroom. Follow it down stairs, there are two doors, to let you know if anyone is entering the bathroom. Sit in t Three Mile Beach. Update on directions: Follow Naramata Rd North until y Dairy Queen. Kin Park.

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Hopefully everyone goes there. Maybe leave a comment as to what night works for you, and then guys can meet up there? The last listing had 21 views in a week and no one showed up on monday night Birchbank Picnic Grounds. It's not very active there yet , but has good potential since the door is a fair ways away from the stalls.

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For a full list of Emergency Centres in BC visit healthlinkbc. This may seriously compromise the quality of care they receive. Here are some suggestions for healthcare providers to help make their services more accessible to MSM: MSM are of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Discuss documentation and access to records. Reliable information. No judgment. So ask away! The host an interactive clinic finder as well, type in your address, even select a specific services, and locations will show up on a map!

These services did exist prior to , but after shutting down the many STI testing clinics, it is now expected that you see your primary health practitioner Doctor or Registered Nurse for any STI testing needs. As this is not an option for many guys, we have to rely on various services that exist in and outside of our region - some of which may or may not be trained around cultural sensitivities for MSM, some of which only offer a limited scope of STI testing, and some of which are a long drive away from where we live.

The team is available to provide service to all Interior Health communities Monday through Friday from 8: To connect with a Health Outreach Nurse call toll free