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But most of the time dudes at clubs tend to look me up and down and not say a word, so I keep to myself. Also at clubs as was pointed out are the fem ones. Meeting at parks dudes just want sex and…. Damn I must say I have been at every level in the last 7 years. Reading this was like going through my sexual discovery over the last 7 years. I am now at and I actually feel really good about that. I want to at least be at level 3 or around level 6 to 8. Being in the closet is killing me softly.

I want to meet more like me during my time in school. Reading the analysis and comments by the bros is so good for my soul. Think of a 54 starting to feel good about himself being gay and having a bod of a 31 BUT living in rural Eastern Cape SA and being black how it feels: How to come out and daring the bundu language as onlookers flinch him for stepping on that stage…Plz broers gimme advice.

For all you guys who want to meet and date masculine gay men...

Wait…South Africa? I assumed South Africa was a gay rights ray of light in Africa? Also do you travel outside of the country?

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Can u tell about it plz: U might not like me bein likened to u, but we seem to be alike- not precisely anyway. Ok Ocky so u think SA is illuminating gloriously under each n every cliff n rock? Blunt mistake buddy.

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U gloat n beam to that trad-wed of my beautiful broers up country in Durbs. Yeah y not- brite lights of Durbs beckon; every one is in the open. Masculine, manly face,well structured. A lone walker like me. He even had an eyejab on me behind those dark glasses as I was to pass him by. Yes he gave me the look I know that 4 he quickly looked away the time I upped to him. I may do that to him but WHAT?

We are in the bundus mr. Smalltown dwellers with smalltown gossip. Do u feel me? So I came back to read this because it was on the stream.

We all are making the climb together. Well I just defeated my self imposed prison of paranoia by joining this site with my actual name. Any suggestions? Baby steps. Take it all one day at a time. Though I will say the website is very welcoming filled with gems.

Great job! Good article. I read it for fun to see how close you hit the nail on the head, and I have to say, it was pretty damn close. Fortunately I never really had that fear of other people knowing.

And your gaydar would have to be through the charts to even tell that I was gay by just looking at me or listening to me speak. Like I said though, great article.


The question I have is is there a such thing as bi or am I just his cover up for who he really is but is scared to death to face it or anyone finding out. Am I waisting my time on a man that will nevr want me but secretly wants a man. He was advertising as being a bottom looking for a top for discreet fun. Please help me should I try and move on or try seeing where this goes.

This is very difficult for me because we have been together for 10 years and are raising one of my grandchildren together and he and my grandchild are so close because he nevr had kids of his own. And this affects our grandchild as well. Thanks again for the responses I guess we will just have to wait and see how things go. And I wish he would let me in so we could get over this hump and move on. You guys have been together for 10yrs, have you had reason to be suspicious of him before? Now, someone could have taken his pictures and made a profile, as that happens very often, but to have the email come to his account?

He may think that you are just saying that to get him to confirm it, then you flip and tell everyone he and you know. Even those of us who are the masculine types have our moments sometimes as not all of the guys here use their faces for their avatar pics, though some, like me, have had their real face up before but also like crazy ass avatars. To answer your question: There is a thing as being bi. Truly bisexual and being attracted to both sexes. One sex maybe more than the other is also possible.

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One thing you have to remember is that it will always be easier for people to have heterosexual relationships if they are bi just because of how most people in society look down on gay relationships and also, if one grew up with only hearing negative things about gay people, even if they felt they were bi or gay, they try to resist going against it because of that or, in most cases, the religion they grew up in. We may not want to be out to everyone or may just to family but we accept who we are without brining other people along for the ride.

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If he starts to pull back when you bring it up, it could cause a lot of problems. Now, I have to say this but get tested. For everything. You can still trust him but if you suspect anything, you owe it to yourself to at least know where YOU stand. Very nice article. When I first read this in I was at level 5 having been through the previous levels and hated it.

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Last Thursday I officially became a level 9 masculine gay Jedi love that name! But can we talk about level 7 and level 6 being a prerequisite? You say this is the best option and I certainly believe you but are there more ways to be invited or even throw your own? Email address: Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Nick Delmacy , 7 years ago 43 8 min read I often use the analogy of a used car when discussing this issue: This is the life of a discreet masculine man.

Keep reading to find out…. Level One: Paranoid Masculine Men.