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I am a totally submissive bottom. I told Jack I wanted to service and obey a muscle dad. I had asked him to wear cologne for me and he put on a very masculine, musky scent. He smelled great all over. Jack is manly in every possible way. Jack took his time with me. First with some deep kissing, then mouth-fucking me. His cock his thick and pretty big and perfectly shaped.

Why Luke Maye, Cookie Lyon and Jack Thornton Are TV’s Social Media MVPs of the Week

I had brough poppers and he "ordered" me to take hits from time to time. Jack has a sweet, hairy hole which he ordered me to eat. It was delicious. When Jack was ready to fuck me, he lubed me really well and put me on my back.


He started to open me slowly and little by little got almost all his dick inside me. Then it was a slow fuck alternating with some hard thrusts. I had told Jack I liked it sweet and rough. I wanted him to cum in my mouth and he obliged by shooting a sweet thick load into it.

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Then he made me lick his cock clean. He stood over me with his massive built and stroked my dick till I came.

Then we lay together on his bed and chatted for a bit. Jack was superb in every way. He is a pleasure to listen to with his slight Irish brogue and deep voice. He clearly loves what he does, cares about his client and doesn't watch the clock.

His is totally focused on you. I intend to see Jack again. I want to feel his whole cock inside me. Joseph Submissions: He's also very dominant, kinky and knows how to take charge. When he walked into my place I couldn't believe how handsome and muscular he was. Once inside I undressed him and then drank his piss. After that I got down on my knees and deep throated his cock ate his hairy ass for a while, alternating to service both ends.

I licked all his bulging muscles as he flexed for me. Then he vacuum pumped his cock for a 20 mins.

Jack Thornton - Barcelona

When his cock was out of the tube it hanged heavier, thicker and longer than before. I worshiped his meat some more with my throat and drank his piss twice more. After that he asked me to pick my favorite dildo; I grabbed an 11x8" one. He put me on the bed on my fours, and stuck it in me while giving me orders and spanking my ass red with his huge thick hands. Then he put me on my stomach on the bed and rammed his huge cock in me.

I was hungry for his cum down my throat so he accommodated me. I will continue to hire Jack to train me as his pig slave. He's the best I have ever had. If you are looking for a muscle master, look no further and book Jack. He's also smart, friendly and charming. This man is the total package. Subpigboy Submissions: Early 40's submissive bottom, into being dominated and used by a well hung muscled masters. I had e-mailed back and forth with Jack about meeting on my upcoming trip to New York.

I was looking for a masculine man to meet who would be able to take control and work me over. I am traditionally a top and because I am a pretty big man, have trouble finding men capable of making me get into being a bottom. Jack was always incredibly nice in his responses and very professional. We agreed to meet at his place and being a first timer in New York, I didn't anticipate being a little late for my appointed time. Jack was very understanding and accepted my apology as I walked in the door by planting the best kiss I have ever experienced on me.

'After Porn Ends': What 9 Porn Stars Did After Their Careers Ended (Photos)

Even his tongue is a beefy piece of muscle! I was still trying to get over the door being opened by one of the hottest men I have ever seen wearing shorts and a muscle shirt and before I knew it, Jack had me ready to cum with a kiss. Jack has a very devilish smile. I knew I was in for trouble when he stopped kissing me and motioned towards the bed with a grin that said I was going to have trouble walking after this. Exactly what I had asked for. We walked to his bed and he started to kiss me again.

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North Carolina matchup. With a second left on the clock, sophomore Luke Maye hit the game-winning shot that sealed victory for North Carolina, and in doing so became the most talked about player of the night. Tar Heels fans wasted no time labeling him the G. Luke Maye baby!!!!! Also Read: In the first minutes of the episode Cookie antagonized Lucious the second most-discussed character of the broadcast , and viewers were cheering her on.

I love Cookie EmpireFox. Omg cookie aint playing Empire. Damn Cookie that's my girl Empire.

People were utterly thrilled that Jack finally proposed to Elizabeth, but were equally crushed about his decision to leave Hope Valley for his job in the Mounties. DLissing erinkrakow. Jack's proposal could not have been more perfect.