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However, please do not confuse visibility with acceptance. Gay Thais still suffer from many prejudices within Thai society. For a greater understanding you might read this article: For many Thai gay boys now, life predominantly revolves around their smart phone and not around bars. And with the proliferation of dating apps, why would they be, when a sexual encounter can be only a few clicks away? With the internet has come knowledge, and with knowledge empowerment.

The youth of Chiang Mai, can appreciate so much more about life than that limited agenda they were taught in school or gleaned down on the rice farm. They can grasp the issues surrounding sexuality and find friends online to discover and share the latest local gossip with. There is also a better comprehension of social issues associated with homosexuality including the role of prostitution. In the past prostitution, whilst not acceptable, was tolerated by blind eyes mindful of economic realities. In this modern era, it is considered with far greater disdain. Online friendships extend into the real world too.

Sure, there are places where gay Thais congregate in groups to eat drink and socialise in Chiang Mai, though they are not what westerners would call gay establishments. The popularity of such places is very changeable. One week, this or that restaurant is the gay place to go, and next week another place opens and becomes the next trendy venue of choice. The late night scene in Chiang Mai was always an attraction for gay Thais.

But, this has been curtailed during the last few years with stricter enforcement of closing times. Prior to the crackdown two big gay clubs emerged and at weekends were packed until dawn, sadly G-star and https: For many foreigners Chiang Mai has become the perfect gay lifestyle paradise; a gay friendly and tolerant city though the perception of tolerance by foreigners is perhaps different to that experienced by Thais.

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An almost separate gay scene has grown up to cater for foreigners; both tourists and ex-pats. This social scene revolves around a selection of gay bars or restaurants where gay foreigners meet up to socialise. The nightlife in Chiang Mai has changed significantly in recent years with many new modern bars and restaurants opening, especially around the Nimmanhaeminda area of town.

Increasingly, gay farangs are going out in non gay venues and traditional gay bars are not the only game in town anymore. Thailand is well known for its commercial sex workers, both male and female.

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For years this has been a major lure for many visitors. The aim of this website is to provide useful information about all aspects of gay life in Chiang Mai, so that our readers can make informed choices about where they go and what they do here. This does not imply we condone the sex industry; equally we seek not to pass judgement on those involved in it.

The commercial gay sex scene in Chiang Mai is smaller than cities like Bangkok or Pattaya. With their own ethnic identity, different culture, and perhaps more masculine features they are different from boys in, for example Pattaya, whom are more likely from Isaan, Cambodia or Laos. The main tourist areas are around Thapae Gate and the Night Bazaar, which are packed with hotels, guesthouses, bars and restaurants catering for tourists. In the last two years, the night bazaar area, traditional home of the Chiang Mai gay scene, has reestablished itself with several bars now located along Gay Soi 6 Soi 6 Charoen Prathet Rd making this an attractive part of town for visitors.

In contrast, the Chang Puek and Santitham areas, once home to many bars, have declined in popularity with less venues here now. I grew up in poor country, so I was trained how to love human and take care them, there are two words to describe me: Open mind ,good relationship friendly , funny, I'm was born in Thailand Now I'm lived in Brisbane for work.

I lived alone at North Booval. My life sound bored. Only go to work and back home. This is a normal life. I got only 1 day off per week. I feel very lonely as a result of I try to looking fo What a wonderful thought is understand that some of the best days of our lives I am ONLY interested in people who define themselves as weird.

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I am really fed up with "normal" people. Rice fed with potatoes, beans and chocolate. I graduated from CSULB in the arts, working in marketing and restaurant for now, worked overseas in Asia for three years, and still looking to discover myself of my unlimited capabilities and hopefully get into the world of food and traveling. Guys that love to eat and keep in good shape. Most important: Other than that, I'm open and see how chemistry goes. Traveling around the world for the next couple of years.

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I will be volunteering in Limpopo for a while and then going back and forth between there and Thailand and Greece. I am sure I will end up in other places as well, but for now that is the list. Looking to meet new people that can teach me abou Looking for someone with similar interests. I am a big outdoors guy and love to go hiking, love nature and animals. I'm easy to get along with, can converse on many levels, mature for my age I like to think of myself as an old soul , I enjoy traveling, passionate sex and just having a good time.

Enjoy intelligent and intellectual people, art and music is a big passion of mine. I have huge aspirations and dreams Im not really looking, I guess you could say just browsing. I'm attracted manly men Strong and determined Who makes the first move Intelligent and funny Blue eyes make me weak at the knees Interesting and like-minded people Someone who can support me Stand on their own two feet also doesn't mind th Honesty, intelligence, funny, kind, laid back cool guys are the things I often am attracted to in another guy.

I'm looking to meet other active guys and activity buds. Am a warm guy looking for guys who look after themselves.

I try to hit the pool most days but yeah some days I just don't make the grade. Will be out cycling or walking other days. Have trave Love casual encounters and generally don't mind age as long as you look after yourself.

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Please try to be yourself and those pics, make them genuine. Really prefer down to earth guys who know what they want and where they're going in life. You must have a good imagination to match me in bed but hey I have been to most places on our beautiful planet, and discovered that if we live by the golden rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you , then life can be quite simple and Please leave the Drama at the door I am canadian now living in Thailand.

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