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Are wondered how it would feel talk about sex with him and see if you can get a chance. If you do go ALL out. If it is the best thing he ever had he will come back for seconds and may turn bi are strait. A big chance too get with you.

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If your not sexually active scratch that, tell him you like him and how you feel. Go out to a dinner and just talk too him and ask a lot of questions before you get deep inside it. Have you ever wondered about being with a girl. You can always try too look boyish lol that's a stupid thought but if he likes men then hey. In any case after you tell him how you feel he will probably back off a lot if it goes bad and give you time to get over him. If its good you will get your chance with your lover boy.

You will pay now, or you will pay later. If you do get involved in a relationship sexual it is most likely that later he will leave to be with a man, And that will be after marriage, kids, house, jobs, everything. Facing the obvious now will cause much less heartache in the long run.

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YOu need to be honest with him and tell him you need to back off from your relationship for a while. And then do it. No more physical contact - that is getting your hormones going, and that is counter-productive right now. Start paying more attention to some female friends, and look at other guys, instead of fantasizing the perfect relationship with your bff.

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That relationship is far from perfect. I am sorry, this is so hard for you, but such is life. We have our hardships to go through, and we have to learn and grow. Look at the news. Get him in one of your rooms alone Then start making out. I've always wondered if that would make a gay guy become straight. I just truly believe all guys like boobage. I don't care if they're "gay". Hahaha it's worth a try. Sit him down and ask him why hes gay dont be scared to. Then stop. He's not going to all of a sudden be straight or ever if he's not even bi.

But this made me laugh so thanks. Ask him if he's bisexual. If he says no, you've got your answer.

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    Gay guys, would you ever date a bisexual guy?

    I love guys!!!? More questions. Im Lesbo girl in love with gay guy!? Im a girl and im in love with a gay guy!? Answer Questions Why are latinas so hot? I am no different from anyone else. I do ask that you take this into consideration for the future.

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    Please be able to look past a man's sexuality and into his person. If you can't do that, then you truly are a close minded person, and that man will deserve better than you. Source s: Add a comment. Asker's rating. Live Sex Chat Website - http: There's a few problems I have with this argument, and not you specifically because I've seen it come up time and time again in regards to bisexuals, both from gay partners afraid they'll leave them for the opposite sex and straight partners afraid they'll leave them for the same sex.

    First, since when did bisexuals have the market cornered on cheating?

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    Last I checked, people of all sexual orientations cheat. Why are you only concerned a bi guy would leave you for a woman? Would that be worse than a gay guy leaving you for another man, getting married legally or not and adopting children and leaving you behind? Second, relationships are all about trust, and in the case here, shouldn't your trust be more in the person you're with than their sexuality?

    If you can't trust someone not to leave you, then there's a much bigger issue at play here than just who they might be attracted to. Why do people assume that bisexuals will cheat? Infidelity is a major cause of breakdown in heterosexual marriages, and I'm sure the same happens to a lot of gay relationships. I'm bisexual, and I've been faithful to my partner for over 30 years, despite the fact that my partner, who is not bisexual, had an affair some 12 years ago. I know there are a lot of people who claim to be bisexual just to attract attention.

    These are usually 'Z' list celebrities who do it to promote their popularity, but they have no intention of entering into a same sex relationship. Impressionable young people see this and try it for themselves, and it gives genuine bisexuals a bad name, which isn't helped by questions like this. Date Gay Men. Oh no, you're neither hypocritical nor judgmental. I am bisexual but lean more to guys and have dated a few gay guys and can understand your concerns.

    The gay would probably have to take the lead for awhile but if there is hope for love, it will happen. Well, I definitely would date a bisexual guy. It really doesn't matter to me. All I need is that he's capable of loving me. Just because he's attracted to women as well, doesn't mean he'll just run away and get married to a woman.

    And even if he does,, well maybe he wasn't worth it in the first place. And as I've said in one of my answers somewhere before, if you can't trust your lover completely and without question, maybe you shouldn't be in that relationship. It's a matter of trust,if you can't trust the person then don't be with them. My man is bisexual,like you i was worried,but he has never looked at another person male or female since i agreed to give him a chance.