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But luckily, you say, we live in an era where you can find anything online. Especially dating. So, here it is, our round-up of the 10 most used dating apps in Japan, rated out of five by a group of 15 international women who have used them. One of the women I surveyed and who found her current Japanese boyfriend through this app summarized it as follows: Not to be confused with OkCupid, JapanCupid is a part of the Cupid Media Group, a niche-based dating site group, that connects users with people from around the world rather than just in their immediate area.

While this makes it somewhat less appealing to users in Japan, JapanCupid is popular with those who will not be staying in Japan for the long term, and with those who are looking for someone to marry — though apparently there are far more Japanese women on this site than there are Japanese men. MatchAlarm is a dating app that recommends a new person to you every morning at 8 a.

The largest online dating site and app service in Japan that relies on your Facebook profile to search for your ideal match. There are 24 points that you can filter your results by, including nationality and income level, which some users pointed out makes this site seem more for sugar daddy searching than anything else, but overall, no one had any serious complaints about this site. While I had some positive experiences meeting and talking to people on this app, when it came time to actually meet in person, the people that I spoke to were very hesitant to meet offline.

One guy actually said he preferred to talk and date online exclusively. Other foreign female users I spoke with had similar results, so this might not be a good choice if you are seriously looking to meet someone. When you join, you are given an automatic points to use in order to meet and match with others based on your own search parameters. Pairs is another online dating site, and one that has had numerous TV and train commercials since going online.

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This site and its related app also uses your Facebook profile, but allows you to hide your full name, enabling its users to go by initials instead. Zexy Koimusubi is a dating app that is part of a popular Japanese wedding services company. The app overall works on the same principles of matching based on shared interests, and uses your Facebook profile to compile this data, but otherwise it seems to have a fairly high success rate.

This is because they are quite literally trying to find you a suitable husband.


Good luck in finding the best for yourself, ladies! Have you ever used a dating app or site in Japan? Share your experiences in the comments. Love In Japan: Letters from Japan: I Want A Divorce.

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Online Dating In Japan: What Apps Are Worth It And What Aren’t?

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